Projects, Talks, and Writing

Radio Galaxy Zoo: Machine learning methods for radio source host galaxy cross-identification

We present a machine learning approach for the task of determining the infrared host galaxies of radio emissions detected in wide-area radio surveys. Our method is trained on both expert cross-identifications and crowdsourced cross-identifications from Radio Galaxy Zoo.


A Python package for active learning.


Honours project at the Australian National University on machine learning applications in astronomy.

Question Time

An interactive heatmap of locations mentioned in the New South Wales parliament, with Hansard snippets and backlinks for particularly interesting places. GovHack 2016 project with Mitchell Busby.

Python: A Crash Course in Programming

Very (very) fast introductory scientific Python workshop I ran at Bruce Hall, Canberra.

Haskell: A Crash Course in Functional Programming

Very (very) fast introductory Haskell masterclass I ran at the National Computer Science School 2016, at the University of Sydney.

Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Python implementations of selected inverse reinforcement learning algorithms.


Computer algebra system for JavaScript with limited equation solving and uncertainty propagation.

Circle Snake

Frustrating arcade-style browser game I made while learning JavaScript.